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CSHRP fosters relationships between HR professionals in the Caribbean. Our field requires us to interact, collaborate and share knowledge. By virtue of our geography we are all members of the Caribbean HR Society. Being a part of an association is a personal choice, but being a part of a society is a professional reality. We serve all HR Professionals across the Caribbean region. The Caribbean Society of Human Resource Professionals is network of the region’s most dedicated practitioners who have a keen interest in encouraging the advancement of fellow practitioners. Founded in 2019 CSHRP promotes knowledge sharing and professional development. 

  • Ensuring competent and ethical HR practice in the Caribbean
  • Creating compelling value propositions for all HR professionals within the society
  • Bring together thought leaders and practitioners in the HR field to shape the world of work in the Caribbean
  • Create an ecosystem of creativity, innovation and inspiration for Caribbean HR leaders
  • Providing strong and respected learning opportunities based on a globally recognized body of knowledge
  • Be the regions source for HR learning, research and the sharing of best practices

Our Mission and Values

To cultivate a strong network of HR professionals within the Caribbean region that respond to the professional needs and promotes knowledge sharing and inspires best practices.

We believe in the values of:
Leadership, Opportunity, Unity, Diversity (LOUD)

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